Does Ford Still Make Tractors? (Bad News?)

Folks that are looking to buy a new or used tractor are often searching for a Ford tractor. It makes perfect sense. They sell the most popular pickup truck, why not buy a tractor from them as well?

Does Ford still make tractors?

Unfortunately, the Ford Motor Company doesn’t make tractors anymore. They were manufacturing their popular tractors under the name Fordson, Ford, and Ford-New Holland, in that chronological order. You can still buy a used Ford tractor though.

Why did Ford stop building tractors?

Tractor on field

Ford sold its tractor manufacturing business in 1991 to Fiat so that it can focus on increasingly competitive automotive and financial operations. This was part of the strategy to go back to their automotive roots.

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Ford was one of the most successful companies in the tractor industry during the 20th century and produced some of the most renowned and popular tractors, like the Ford N8, which was introduced in 1947, and became the most beloved tractor of all time in North America.

Ford dropped the name Fordson in 1964, and all tractors that were made after that carried the Ford brand name.

Why was Ford building tractors under the name Fordson?

Ford Tractor

Ford’s history is full of intrigue and the reason why the Ford Motor Company had to build tractors under the name Fordson was that The Ford Tractor Company already existed.

The Ford Tractor Company was a Minneapolis-based company that was only active from 1916 to 1917 and that wanted to capitalize on the incredibly well-known Ford name.

It was established in 1915 by W. Baer Ewing, who worked in the insurance business and who hired Paul W. Ford, a local hardware clerk. His last name was used to leverage the Ford name in an effort to perhaps cause customer confusion.

Instead of going into a long legal battle, Henry Ford simply decided to call his tractor company Fordson.

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When did Ford stop making tractors?

Ford stopped manufacturing tractors on a couple of occasions. The final year that Ford made tractors was 1991 when the company sold its tractor division to Fiat. That’s effectively when they stopped making tractors.

We have to go back a few years to 1986 when Ford acquired Sperry-New Holland and formed Ford-New Holland. We already mentioned that they sold that company and its whole tractor business to Fiat in ’91.

Fiat could still use the name For-New Holland until the year 2000. Well, the company did drop the name Ford in 1999 to comply with the terms of the sale.

When did Ford first start making tractors?

Ford went in and out of tractor production on several occasions. Its tractors were produced in the US, Ireland, and England:

  • US: 1917–1928
  • Cork, Ireland: 1919–1923 and 1928–1933
  • Dagenham, Essex, England: 1933–1964

Their first Fordson tractor that came out at the height of World War I did for tractors what the Model T did for cars. It made them widely available to the general public and showed that horses will be out of the game of the tarmac as well.

The company dominated the tractor market from 1917 to 1925.

What is the Nebraska Tractor Law?

Nebraska Law

The story about the Nebraska Tractor Law and the Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory (NTTL) that’s managed at the University of Nebraska is an interesting one.

The law was passed in 1919 after a disgruntled farmer by the name of Wilmot F. Crozier advocated for it to be passed. Crozier had bought several tractors from the Ford Tractor Company; named after the clerk and not Henry Ford.

The farmer wasn’t satisfied with the quality of the tractors and was effectively deceived by Ford’s name. The so-called Ford Tractor Company was unaffiliated with the famed Ford Motor Company that was manufacturing tractors under the name Fordson.

The law addressed the quality issues and false advertising by requiring all tractors to be inspected by three engineers.

The Nebraska Tractor Test became a gold standard and a reference point for tractors sold in North America.

Related questions

Is New Holland a Ford tractor?

New Holland and Ford were part of the same company since Ford bought Sperry-New Holland in 1986. And even though Ford sold their tractor business to Fiat in 1991, the new company was still named Ford-New Holland for the next 10 years, as per agreement.

When did Ford sell the tractor division?

Ford sold its tractor division in 1991 to Fiat, only five years after acquiring New Holland, in order to put focus on its automotive business.

Although the name Ford was still on the tractors for nearly ten more years, the Ford Motor Company was not manufacturing them.

Are New Holland tractors made in the US?

You might think that New Holland tractors are manufactured in the US since the company hails from Pennsylvania. The truth is, the company manufactures only hay tools in its Pennsylvania factory and the tractors are manufactured all over the world in one of 18 plants.

What is the most sold tractor in the US?

You might have guessed it. John Deere tractors are the most sold tractors in the US. The green and yellow tractors Series 1 and Series 3 are leading the pack because of their size and versatility.

What is the most sold tractor in the world?

Indian multinational company Mahindra & Mahindra manufactures the most tractors in the world. They are known for their durability and quality and come in their recognizable red color.

The company has been producing tractors since the 60s and made it to the US in the 1980s.

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