Kubota Vs Massey Ferguson

Kubota Vs. Massey Ferguson (Most Popular Tractors Comparison)

With a company history that stretches as far back as its 1890 inception, AG manufacturing company Kubota has been in the tractor trade for an authoritatively long time.

Conceived in Japan, the company has been producing quality tractors for the global market since the 1960s.

Meanwhile AG giant Massey Ferguson’s tracks can be traced back even further to 1847 Ontario Canada, with today’s brand being a 1953 amalgamation of the Massey and Ferguson names.

Both companies loom large on the crowded tractor scene, both in the United States and worldwide, but which has the best tractors on the market?

Stay with us and find out what are the best and most popular lawn tractors, compact, sub-compact, utility, and agriculture tractors starting with the Kubota Z700 lawn tractors series.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – most popular lawn tractors

1. Kubota Z700 series of lawn tractors

Kubota Z700 series
Kubota Z700 series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com

Lawn tractors are your ride-on mowing machines designed for mowing grass and pulling small trailers of leaves, weeds, soil, or gardening equipment. They need to be safe and stable but also compact and agile enough to move in and out of confined spaces with ease.

The popular Kubota Z700 series of lawn tractors have a range of six models. Let’s take a look at the z723KH-3-48 which has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of around $9000.

The Z700 series are zero-turn for speed and efficiency and feature a foot parking brake, a unique and convenient feature that your hands-free for safer operation.

The Z723-3-48 has a 22.5 HP engine and a choice of cutting deck widths, 48, 54, or 60 inches.

As there isn’t really a Massey Ferguson equivalent to the Z700 in today’s new lawn tractor market, we can call this one a superior choice in ride-on mowing equipment.

2. Massey Ferguson lawn tractors

There is a little confusion around the Massey Ferguson trade-in lawn tractors. They used to manufacture zero-turn lawn tractors however while branded MF they were always built by another company.

They ceased making a lot of their models in the late 1990s with final production ending somewhere in the early 2000s. The range once included zero-turn mowers similar in specs to the Kubota Z700 series.

They can still be found for purchase on used tractor sale sites and you can get something roughly equivalent to the Z700 series for around the $1000-$2000 mark.

As these models will be delivered to you without the regular warranties and guarantees on the availability of parts it should be said that a Kubota lawn tractor may be a superior choice.

New Massey Ferguson tractors begin at the sub-compact category and are upwards of 24 HP.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – most popular sub-compact tractors

1. Kubota sub-compact tractors

Kubota BX series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com
Kubota BX series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com

Sub-compact tractors are versatile farm workers as they are small enough to get in and around places but mighty enough to build fences, remove snow, dig ditches and foundations, gravel driveways, and level land.

Additionally, their lower ground clearance and smaller frame mean they’re well-equipped to perform as lawnmowers. Invest in a good sub-compact and you may not need a lawn tractor.

Boasting consistent inclusion as one of the most popular sub-compact tractors sold in the US, the Kubota BX1880 has an MSRP of around $17,000.

It has a fully integrated backhoe and front loader as standard equipment inclusions, so it’s ready to tackle landscaping jobs such as digging holes or excavating tree stumps. The engine delivers 18 HP making it a little less powerful than its contestant tractor, the Massey Ferguson GC1723EB.

Kubota designed their sub-compact tractors with comfort and efficiency at the forefront so that they may be easily navigated and operated by those who may not have extensive tractor experience.

2. Massey Ferguson sub-compact tractors

Massey Ferguson GC1723E. Photo courtesy Masseyferguson.com

The GC1723EB is Massey Ferguson’s stand-out seller in the sub-compact tractor range. With a 22.5 HP engine, this popular model which has an MSRP of around $10,000 is a more cost-effective option than the BX1880.

It also includes a backhoe package. A 661-pound rear lift and 870-pound front load weight capacity make the GC1723 a gusty sub-compact model for performing digging and lawncare functions with the fuel efficiency of its smaller size.

A popular feature is an open-style cabin which allows for easy access and superior vision in all directions. If affordability is a deciding factor, then the GC1723EB could take the price with its slightly more powerful ability to perform all that the BX1880 does for a cheaper outlay cost.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – most popular compact tractors

1. Kubota compact tractors

Kubota L2501 series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com
Kubota L2501 series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com

The Kubota L2501 stands out as a popular compact tractor choice. Designed as a robust performer of field, yard, and garden work, it can generate 25 HP.

It can deliver more power at lower RPMs than its competitor in class the MF 1726E and is often referred to as the best compact tractor for its price.

Expect to pay just under $20,000 MSRP for the L2501. Details include a spacious cab with ergonomically positioned controls and levers, power steering, and 360-degree vision.

It’s got task strength with a loader lift capacity of around 1100 pounds and a 3-point hitch lift capacity of around 1900 pounds. It also complies with EPA Tier 4 emissions.

2. Massey Ferguson compact tractors

The Massey Ferguson 1726E has an MSRP closer to $15,000 and its gross power generation capability of 24HP is just shy of the L2501.

Overall, it is a popular though more budget-oriented compact tractor. Designed for easy maneuverability into narrow and tight spaces, it’s well suited to mowing, loading, and general farm work on a smaller property.

Heavy-duty axles give it the weight required to be a stable and reliable workhorse. Unique features include color-coded levers for easy visual control.

It has excellent forward vision and the height lift capacity on its three-point linkage allows for the attachment of a wide selection of implements.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – most popular utility tractors

1. Kubota utility tractors

Kubota M5 series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com
Kubota M5 series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com

Utility tractors are often tasked with pulling heavy auxiliary equipment and should fall roughly within the 50-100 HP range in order to manage this.

Kubota’s M5 series of tractors have an MSRP of around $44,000. They deliver HP of between 92.5 to 105.5 and are well suited to small hay or cattle farming.

The M5 series is fitted with Kubota’s signature bevel gear front axle which allows for good ground clearance, a tight turning circle, easy maneuvering, and low maintenance.

Overall, models in this series tend to be affordable options that while compact in size is capable of performing tough tasks such as ramming posts.

2. Massey Ferguson utility tractors

Massey Ferguson 4710. Photo courtesy Masseyferguson.com

Massey Ferguson’s 4700 range of utility tractors offers from 80 to 100 HP over a three-model range. They are well suited to mowing, loader work, haying, and tiling.

They feature a heavy-duty chassis and tend to weigh more than other tractors in their class. The 4708 provides 8o HP and has an MSRP of $41,000 while the 4710 version has 100 HP and starts at $47,000.

A slightly more expensive option when compared to the Kubota M5 series, the 4700 performs a wide range of functions well, from handling hay and silage to performing tasks once delegated to forklifts.

Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson – most popular agricultural tractors

1. Kubota agricultural tractors

Kubota M8 series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com
Kubota M8 series. Photo courtesy Kubota.com

Released in the Spring of 2020 the M8 Series features Kubota’s largest-ever AG tractor.

Suited for use in the commercial hay and forage industry, the company’s senior vice president explains the intentions of the M8 to ‘aggressively fill a higher-horsepower customer need across the large utility and mid-size row crop tractor market – for material handling and hay tool application on dairy and livestock operations as well as a variety of field work’.

The M8 is fitted with a Cummins B6.7 Performance Series engine with either 190 HP or 210 HP. The powerful engine also delivers on fuel efficiency and is EPA Tier 4 final emissions compliant.

2. Massey Ferguson agricultural tractors

MF 8S series. Photo courtesy Masseyferguson.com

While Kubota’s M8 Series might seem like a tough competition to beat, it wasn’t named Tractor of the Year by a 26-country jury.

That distinction goes to Massey Ferguson’s MF 8S.265 Dyna E Power Exclusive which took out the top award in 2021. The MF 8S series has four models ranging from 205 to 265 HP making them overall more powerful than Kubota’s M8.

The company describes them as ‘the ultimate high horsepower machine… built to break the rules.’ So, what’s so rebellious about them? The ergonomically designed cab for a start. MF claims to have reimagined the cab with the ‘voice of the customer input central to its development.

The Protect-U Cab reflects the opinions of farmers to deliver comfort, roominess, and visibility. There’s an improvement in fuel emissions similar to that of Kubota’s M8.

Conclusion – Kubota vs. Massey Ferguson

It’s clear from this short and selective summary that there are as many contributing factors as there are competing tractors when deciding between Kubota and Massey Ferguson.

What type of farm work will your tractor be tasked with, what price range are you looking to buy within, and what features do the specific models from each brand offer you.

With a little consideration, and potentially a lot of homework checking out and comparing specs and opinions, a clear winner should hopefully emerge for you.

As to the global question of Kubota Vs Massey Ferguson, that’s a little tougher to decide.

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