Are Citroen Catalytic Converters Easy To Steal?

The catalytic converter is an integral part of the exhaust emission system in every fuel-powered vehicle. It helps convert toxic substances produced during internal combustion into less harmful ones, such as water vapor and carbon dioxide.

To do that, they contain precious metals, which have a high resale value. As a result, catalytic converters are common targets for thieves.

Certain brands and car models are more likely to be targeted by catalytic converter thieves than others. For example, let’s take a look at the popular French automobile company Citroen.

Are Citroen Catalytic Converters Easy To Steal?

Fortunately for Citroen owners, these vehicles aren’t targeted by catalytic converter thieves very often. The top reason for that is that the catalytic converter on a Citroen is located deeper in the exhaust system by the engine.

This location makes it harder for thieves to remove, deterring them from Citroen vehicles.

In addition, certain Citroen models have a lower concentration of precious metals in their catalytic converters. This makes them less valuable and not appealing to thieves.

Still, every car with a catalytic converter can potentially become a target. So, it’s still a good idea to take some safety precautions even though you own a Citroen.

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Why are Citroen catalytic converters easy to steal?

Citroen catalytic converters are hard to steal because of their location. In the majority of cars, the catalytic converter is found at the end of the exhaust system.

But, in a Citroen vehicle, the catalytic converter is usually located by the engine.

This location makes it harder for thieves to remove and steal, deterring them from targeting Citroens.

That said, even catalytic converters located by the engine can be stolen with the right tools and enough time. So, it’s important to keep your car safe.

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Do all Citroen cars have catalytic converters?

Citroen produces a large variety of vehicles powered by fossil fuels, ranging from trucks to compact cars to SUVs.

These cars rely on internal combustion, which means that they need a catalytic converter to minimize their negative impact on the environment.

Citroen also manufactures hybrid models, including the Citroen SUV C5 Aircross. All hybrids have catalytic converters since they can be powered by electricity, fuel, or both at the same time, depending on the hybrid configuration.

Citroen Car

So, there’s still internal combustion happening in the engine, which requires a catalytic converter.

The only type of cars that don’t have catalytic converters is all-electric vehicles or those powered solely by electricity.

Similarly to other car manufacturing brands these days, Citroen also makes all-electric vehicles.

So, if you own a Citroen that’s fully electric, you don’t have to worry about catalytic converter theft.

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Where is the catalytic converter located on a Citroen car?

Removing Catalytic Converter

Most Citroens have their catalytic converters located close to the engine rather than by the end of the exhaust system.

This location makes it harder to remove and steal, lowering the risk of a Citroen car becoming a target for catalytic converter thieves.

The majority of Citroen models also have just one catalytic converter. So, the location of this device doesn’t change depending on the model and type of the vehicle.

Which Citroen model is most likely to have its catalytic converter stolen?

Be Careful

Even though Citroen cars aren’t the most common targets for catalytic converter thieves, this brand does produce some models that might still be prone to theft.

For example, SUVs, which Citroen has a whole range of, have high ground clearance. This means that there’s a lot of space for thieves to remove the catalytic converter without being noticed.

In the same way, hybrids have more valuable catalytic converters since they don’t need to work as hard to convert toxic substances.

So, all Citroen models that are either SUVs, hybrids, or both, can be prone to catalytic converter theft.

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Can you drive a Citroen without a catalytic converter?

In general, any car is drivable without a catalytic converter. But this doesn’t mean that you should do it.

The catalytic converter is a crucial part of the exhaust emission system. It means that your car will not work as it should without it.

For example, you might notice a ‘check engine’ light appear on your dashboard, experience smelly emissions from your vehicles, and an overall decreased performance of your car.

In addition, driving a fuel-powered car without a catalytic converter is illegal in most regions of the world. As a result, you can get heavily fined.

So, even though it’s possible, it’s important to get your catalytic converter replaces as soon as you notice it’s missing to avoid serious problems.

How can you tell you had your catalytic converter stolen from a Citroen?

Fixing engine

Now that you know that you shouldn’t be driving without a catalytic converter, you might be wondering how to determine if the catalytic converter is missing.

While it might be quite difficult to figure out whether you had your catalytic converter stolen just by looking at the car, there are many other ways you can make this assessment.

The most common sign that someone has tampered with your catalytic converter is a loud noise as you start the car.

This noise might get progressively worse as you drive and accelerate the vehicle. It will also not go away on its own.

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Since the catalytic converter helps convert toxic substances like carbon monoxide into less harmful ones, your car will produce a lot of noxious and smelly gases.

These might even find their way into the cabin, affecting your health.

All of these issues can indicate something completely different, not just a missing catalytic converter.

But that’s exactly why it’s important to get your car serviced when you notice any of these problems.


If you own a Citroen, you don’t have to be too stressed about having your car’s catalytic converter stolen.

Citroen cars have their catalytic converters close to the engine, which makes stealing it a much harder task for thieves.

As a result, these cars aren’t as commonly targeted as some other ones.

Still, it’s always best to be safe than sorry. So, you may want to take some preventative measures to protect your car from theft.

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