Are Peugeot Catalytic Converters Easy To Steal?

As part of the exhaust system, the catalytic converter helps turn toxic substances produced during internal combustion into less harmful ones like water vapor and carbon dioxide. So, thanks to these devices, fuel-powered vehicles are less toxic to the environment.

Unfortunately, catalytic converters are common targets for thieves. This is because these devices contain precious metals that have a high resale value.

Some car brands and models are more prone to catalytic converter theft than others. So which ones get targeted the most?

How about Peugeot cars? Are Peugeot catalytic converters easy to steal?

Are Peugeot Catalytic Converters Easy To Steal?

If you’re a Peugeot owner, here’s some good news: Peugeot catalytic converters are rarely targeted by thieves. This French automobile manufacturing company has a special design of the exhaust system, in which the catalytic converter is located closer to the engine.

This location makes the Peugeot catalytic converters much harder to remove and steal.

That said, every car equipped with a catalytic converter can become a target for thieves, and catalytic converters from Peugeot vehicles have been stolen in the past.

That’s why it’s important to keep your car safe, no matter what brand or model you have.

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Why are Peugeot catalytic converters hard to steal?

Black Peugeot Car

In the majority of Peugeot vehicles, the catalytic converter is hard to steal because of its location. It’s placed much closer to the engine instead of by the end of the exhaust system, which is more challenging for thieves to reach.

As a result, thieves are more likely to target other vehicles that have catalytic converters in a more accessible location.

Still, all vehicles that do have catalytic converters can become targets. So, it’s important to be careful.

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Do all Peugeot cars have catalytic converters?

Most of the cars that Peugeot manufactures are powered by fossil fuels. This means that they rely on internal combustion, producing toxic substances in the process.

Because of that, these vehicles need a catalytic converter to turn these noxious substances into less harmful ones.

Hybrids, which are also produced by Peugeot, also have catalytic converters, often more valuable ones.

All types of hybrids can be powered by electricity, fuel, or both at the same time. This means that there’s still internal combustion happening in the engine, even if not all the time. And this requires the presence of a catalytic converter.

The only cars not equipped with catalytic converters these days are all-electric models.

Peugeot e-208 is an all-electric vehicle, which means it relies only on electricity. As a result, it has no need for a catalytic converter.

Where is the catalytic converter located on a Peugeot vehicle?

Peugeot Car

As mentioned above, Peugeot catalytic converters are located closer to the engine, which is deeper in the vehicle. Plenty of other vehicles have their catalytic converters located by the end of the exhaust system, which makes stealing them quite easy and fast.

So, thanks to this unique location, Peugeots aren’t very common targets for catalytic converter thieves.

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Which Peugeot model is most likely to have its catalytic converter stolen?

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Even though Peugeot catalytic converters aren’t very easy to remove, it can still be done. And certain models are more at risk.

For instance, SUVs are common targets since they have high ground clearance. This leaves a good amount of space for thieves to work and remove the catalytic convert without being noticed.

As a result, Peugeot SUV models, such as the 3008, are more likely to be targeted than other models.

In addition, Peugeot has hybrid vehicles, including the self-charging hybrid versions of the popular 3008 and 5008 SUV models. Hybrid vehicles have more expensive catalytic converters, which makes them popular targets.

So, if you own any of these vehicles, you should be particularly careful.

Can you drive a Peugeot without a catalytic converter?

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While technically possible, driving any car without a catalytic converter is not recommended, and this includes Peugeots.

The catalytic converter is an integral part of the exhaust system. It also helps maintain stable oxygen levels in the engine, so you might experience a decrease in the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

What’s more, driving a car without a catalytic converter is illegal in many places around the world. In fact, it’s considered a criminal offense, which means you can get seriously fined.

So, if you suspect or know that you had your catalytic converter stolen, be sure to contact your insurance or the authorities and have your car serviced.

How can you lower your risk of Peugeot catalytic converter theft?


Now that we’ve established that driving without a catalytic converter is a bad idea, you might be wondering how you can lower your risk of catalytic converter theft. Luckily, there are several things you can do.

The best way to protect your Peugeot from catalytic converter theft is to keep thieves away from your car altogether. You can do that by parking your car in a personal garage next to your house or a private garage structure with limited access.

This helps protect your car from catalytic converter theft as well as any damage.

You can also invest in an anti-theft device or use bolts to affix the catalytic converter to your car. Doing so might deter the thieves by making removing the device much harder and more complicated.

So, since there are many ways to protect your vehicle, be sure to choose at least one, even though Peugeots aren’t common targets. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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As you can see, Peugeot cars aren’t very commonly targeted by catalytic converter thieves. In most Peugeots, these devices are located closer to the engine and not by the end of the exhaust emission system.

This location makes removing the catalytic converter much more challenging. So, thieves are more likely to choose other vehicles as targets.

But it might still be a good idea to keep your car safe in case any thief decides to pick your car as a target. After all, all vehicles with catalytic converters are at risk.

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